The Homeless and the Unhoused are Desperate- Since the first days of the Covid pandemic, we have been in the streets providing food, personal care items, access to sanitation and counseling.  In the summer we hit the streets with coolers filled with cold water and ice cream sandwiches.  In the cold we distribute blankets.  In the rain we offer EDAR mobile shelters.  We are dependent on our donors.  We are not seeking THE SOLUTION.  That is not our mission.  What we are providing is  A SOLUTION - to feed the hungry, to lift those who sleep in doorways and benches up off of the hard pavement, and to recognize that these are our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers - our fellow humans.  We need your donations,. and your empathy and support for our mission.


This was our first video - and we sent a plea out to one of our heroes, Ian Anderson. We asked for permission to use Tull's song "Crash Barrier Waltzer", that beautifully described a relationship between a homeless woman and a police man. Ian not only let us use his music, he did a voice-over that resonated with thousands of people. This put us on the map and shined a powerful light on our mission. We would not be where we are without Ian's interpretation and powerfully empathetic voice. Special thanks to son James Anderson for his support and liaison between Man/Kind founder Richard Stellar and Ian Anderson.

EDAR: How It Works

EDAR stands for Everyone Deserves A Roof.  It is an affordable mobile shelter that we give to the homeless.  We feel that it is a more than adequate alternative to sleeping in the rough - which means on the ground or on a bench.  EDAR offers a flame-resistant and waterproof place to sleep comfortably, and we stock each one with our #CovidKindness bag full of food.  Watch EDAR co-inventor Peter Samuelson explain how it works.

The Story of EDAR

Here's how EDAR works.  Explained by co-inventor and Man/Kind advisor emeritus Peter Samuelson

Jessica's EDAR

Jessica is a homeless woman who slept without cover in Los Angeles.  We gave her an EDAR and enough food to last awhile.  This is how we do it.  We don't do it from an office and we don't phone it in.  We are in the streets where the homeless live.

Handing Out our 1000th Bag of #CovidKindness

Man/Kind founder hands out the 1000th bag of #CovidKindness food to a homeless person under the 101 Freeway at Laurel Canyon.

Man/Kind Founder Richard Stellar's News Appearance

We love Christine Devine.  She gets it, and she welcomed our campaign onto her local Los Angeles FOX News program.