Sir Paul McCartney

How can you not be inspired by a man who lives his life in a bubble of extreme fame that fails to  tarnish his spirit or jade his humanity.  Paul McCartney inspired a generation and gave us an alternative.  Our attention was mired in the aftershock of John Kennedy's assassination.  Our youth was temporarily robbed from us until The Beatles arrived on our shores.  They sang the songs that shaped our perception.  We vibrated to a message that extolled peace and love.  

McCartney, standing stage right, the extended neck of his Hofner violin bass angled out to our left, providing a graphic balance to the two other guitars that faced right.  That arrangement was not lost on me.  It seemed that everything that The Beatles represented challenged that balance.  We expanded our minds and embraced other cultures.  We aimed our Hands Across The Water, we engaged each other.  McCartney wrote the anthem of our generation, and it was all good.  He explored and then documented the pain of black people in Blackbird - urging them to 'fly into the dark black night'.  

And as we briefly saw the sun then, we are once again plunged into darkness.  The politicians have failed us.  It is up to the artists to build those bridges of tolerance and understanding so that we may be All Together Now.