Abdullah Hall and the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles

I first met Abby a little over a year ago.  We were creating an event that starred George Takei, and successfully built a bridge between the Jewish and Japanese communities in Los Angeles.  We were short on cash but long on dreams.  We needed a choir and we needed a good one.  My partner, Anne-Marie Johnson suggested that we call Abby.  Abby not only agreed to assemble this fantastic choir, but he held our hands when a couple of 'artists' started displaying the tell-tale signs of 'diva-ism'.  Abby offered a solution to our situation, and thankfully everyone fell into line.  But the outcome was beyond memorable.  The choir sang beautifully.  Their voices filled the packed Saban Theatre with tremendous clarity and a deep feeling of what we were selling that night:  empathy.  The choir was phenomenal.  Our relationship with Abby and the choir didn't end with that event.  Abby did a podcast for us on non-binary issues that we are extremely proud of.

Abby is not only a spokesperson for non-binary causes, he is an inspiration.  Our inspiration and now hopefully yours.

Dr. Kathryn Davis is another friend of mine.  Her words are clear and do not invite editing.  Please consider this beautifully professional and artistic choir for your next event.

As we struggle through an epic pandemic not seen worldwide in over a century, it is so important that people seek solutions to the problems that overwhelm and impact everyone and everything on earth. Opening our hearts and ears so that we hear from all who have wise and reasonable solutions is so important in making decisions that move us forward and help solve the many problems we face. Non-acceptance of wisdom by others from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, religions or perspectives will eventually prove fatal for the earth as we know it. 

A small part of that acceptance path is the use of music to provide hope. Music is the universal language and while it cannot deliver complex scientific solutions, it can help develop a framework of acceptance and love so that we can hear many others and expand our understanding of the great diversity the world’s population presents to us on a daily basis. 

The members of the Chorus play a small but unique role in sharing that understanding and love within our community and beyond. We work very hard at being role models of diversity with a common goal best expressed through our mission and vision. (see www.transchorusLA.org

While music is so important to our message, it is not the only vehicle to acceptance and tolerance. We hope others will use their individual talents in a loving and accepting way to embrace the diversity in all humans that makes each one of us special and uniquely beautiful and helps develop solutions to our many problems so that we all thrive.


Kathryn Davis

Executive Director

Trans Chorus of Los Angeles: